Boat Charters on Sydney Harbour

Flagship Cruises Sydney boat hire fleet includes only reputable private charter boats of proven quality, safety and standards of service. With our wide selection of quality yachts and cruisers on Sydney Harbour, there’s sure to be a boat perfect for your event. And if we don’t have the right boat hire available to suit your needs, we’ll do our best to steer you in the right direction!

A feature of Flagship’s operation is the professional manner in which our staff consider such details as regular inspections of each and every vessel in our fleet, and on board discussions with captains and crew to ensure that client comfort and efficiency is maintained at the highest level. Attention to detail is another of Flagship’s specialties, allowing you to relax and enjoy the pleasure of Harbourside entertaining and special occasions.

Contact our friendly professional team for impartial advice and seamless boat charters (02) 9555 5901.

122' Superyacht | from $3,200/hr
Sahana Superyacht
120' Superyacht | from $3,250/hr
Corroboree Superyacht
110' Superyacht | from $2,800/hr
Masteka 2 Superyacht
122' Superyacht | from $3,000/hr
Seven Star Superyacht Sydney
99' Superyacht | from $2,250/hr
Quantum Superyacht on Sydney Harbour
120' Superyacht | from $2,750/hr
Infinity Pacific Superyacht
131' Superyacht | from $3,500/hr
Oscar II Superyacht on Sydney Harbour
110' Superyacht | from $2,500/hr
AQA Yacht Sydney Harbour
92' Superyacht | from $1,750/hr
87' Superyacht | from $1,600/hr
Galaxy 1 Yacht Sydney
85' Luxury Boat | from $950/hr
Prometheus Boat
77' Motor Yacht | from $1,100/hr
Starship Sydney Function Boat
110' Glass Boat | from $1,650/hr
Bella Vista Function Boat Sydney
110' Glass Boat | from $1,550/hr
The Pontoon Function Boat
80' Glass Boat | from $1,050/hr
Hiilani Luxury Yacht
95' Motor Yacht | from $1,450/hr
Oceanos Boat
84' Motor Yacht | from $1,000/hr
Lady Rose Function Boat
85' Catamaran | from $1,220/hr
Eclipse Boat Sydney
90' Catamaran | from $795/hr
Coast Boat Sydney
65' Catamaran | from $750/hr
Commissioner II Boat Sydney Harbour
87' Motor Yacht | from $800/hr
Karisma Catamaran
57' Catamaran | from $800/hr
Ariston Boat
80' Motor Yacht | from $950/hr
John Oxley Yacht
80' Motor Yacht | from $995/hr
70' Motor Yacht | from $700/hr
Morpheus Function Catamaran
66' Catamaran | from $750/hr
Galene Boat
60' Motor Yacht | from $500/hr
Aquabay Boat Sydney
70' Motor Yacht | from $1,050/hr
65' Luxury Boat | from $990/hr
Enterprise Boat
65' Motor Yacht | from $700/hr
Pisces Boat
56' Motor Yacht | from $800/hr
State of the Art Boat
65' Motor Yacht | from $720/hr
Seaduced Boat Sydney Harbour
47' Motor Yacht | from $550/hr
Seaduction Boat
47' Motor Yacht | from $625/hr
Platinum Boat
48' Motor Yacht | from $550/hr
Fleetwing Catamaran
53' Catamaran | from $500/hr
Adelina Catamaran
50' Catamaran | from $600/hr
Barefoot Catamaran
40' Catamaran | from $500/hr
Hoochie Mumma Boat
50' Motor Yacht | from $495/hr
Ambiance Boat
52' Motor Yacht | from $600/hr
Birchgrove Luxury Boat
50' Luxury Boat | from $650/hr
Yackatoon Boat
50' Motor Yacht | from $575/hr
43' Catamaran | from $525/hr
32' Catamaran | from $325/hr
Neptune Boat
40' Motor Yacht | from $400/hr
Highlander Boat Sydney
46' Motor Yacht | from $450/hr
Santa Cruz Boat
43' Motor Yacht | from $450/hr
Top Cat Catamaran
33' Catamaran | from $325/hr
Seabird Seven Catamaran
40' Catamaran | from $375/hr
Salute Boat
32' Motor Yacht | from $350/hr
36' Motor Yacht | from $375/hr
La Dolce Vita Luxury Speedboat
26' Speedboat | from $495/hr
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