Christmas Party Boat Hire on Sydney Harbour

There’s no better way to reward staff and entertain clients at the end of the work year than with a sophisticated Christmas party cruise on the harbour. Aboard our luxury boats, your guests can escape the office and live it up – surrounded by stunning Sydney Harbour views as they enjoy restaurant quality cuisine, fine wine and attentive service.

With Flagship Cruises, all cruise sizes are catered for.  Our superb fleet of boats features luxury private yachts, cruise boats and cruising venues, perfect for a wide range of group sizes, budgets and parties – from small office party cruises and cocktail party cruises to large functions with hundreds of guests. Whether you want to thank your hard working staff or impress a key client, our Christmas Party cruises are a memorable reward for your valued guests.

You can add extra sparkle to your work party cruises on Sydney Harbour with plenty of entertainment options – a wide selection of bands and DJs to get the dance floor pumping, and karaoke equipment available on request. If you wish, we’ll even deck out your boat in full Christmas cheer.

We help you plan every detail in the lead-up to your Christmas party boat hire on Sydney Harbour, so that on the day, you can relax as our helpful staff top up your drinks and make sure everything goes to plan.

Contact us today to make this year’s Christmas party an event to remember.

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Infinity Pacific Superyacht
131' Superyacht | from $3,500/hr
Oneworld Yacht Sydney
103' Superyacht | from $2,800/hr
Sahana Boat Sydney Superyacht Charter
120' Superyacht | from $3,250/hr
Ghost 2 Boat
122' Superyacht | from $3,200/hr
Corroboree Superyacht
110' Superyacht | from $2,800/hr
Masteka 2 Superyacht
122' Superyacht | from $3,000/hr
Seven Star Boat Luxury Yacht Hire
99' Superyacht | from $2,250/hr
Quantum Boat Sydney Super Yacht
120' Superyacht | from $2,750/hr
Oscar II Superyacht on Sydney Harbour
110' Superyacht | from $2,500/hr
AQA Yacht Sydney Harbour
92' Superyacht | from $1,750/hr
Ghost Boat Sydney
87' Superyacht | from $1,600/hr
100' Superyacht | from $3,250/hr
82' Superyacht | from $1,500/hr
Galaxy 1 Yacht Sydney
85' Luxury Boat | from $950/hr
50' Catamaran | from $1,050/hr
Prometheus Boat
77' Motor Yacht | from $1,100/hr
Enigma Sydney Luxury Boat
65' Luxury Boat | from $990/hr
Element Boat
80' Motor Yacht | from $1,200/hr
Aquabay Boat Sydney
70' Motor Yacht | from $1,050/hr
Starship Sydney Function Boat
110' Glass Boat | from $1,750/hr
Bella Vista Function Boat Sydney
110' Glass Boat | from $1,550/hr
Lady Rose Function Boat
85' Catamaran | from $1,220/hr
Starship Aqua - Previously The Pontoon Sydney
80' Glass Boat | from $1,150/hr
128' Motor Yacht | from $1,100/hr
115' Motor Yacht | from $1,100/hr
Eclipse Boat Sydney
90' Catamaran | from $795/hr
85' Catamaran | from $795/hr
Coast Boat Hire Sydney
65' Catamaran | from $900/hr
Commissioner II Boat Sydney Harbour
87' Motor Yacht | from $800/hr
Morpheus Function Catamaran
66' Catamaran | from $750/hr
Catamaran | from $750/hr
66' Catamaran | from $550/hr
Karisma Catamaran
57' Catamaran | from $850/hr
Oceanos Boat
84' Luxury Boat | from $1,000/hr
Hiilani Luxury Yacht
95' Motor Yacht | from $1,450/hr
Aurora Boat Sydney
87' Luxury Boat | from $1,600/hr
Ariston Boat
80' Motor Yacht | from $800/hr
John Oxley Yacht
80' Motor Yacht | from $995/hr
70' Motor Yacht | from $700/hr
Silver Spirit Boat
60' Motor Yacht | from $650/hr
Iluka Boat Sydney
48' Motor Yacht | from $600/hr
Galene Boat
60' Motor Yacht | from $500/hr
60' Motor Yacht | from $550/hr
Enterprise Boat
65' Motor Yacht | from $700/hr
56' Motor Yacht | from $675/hr
State of the Art Boat
65' Motor Yacht | from $750/hr
Seaduced Boat Sydney Harbour
47' Motor Yacht | from $550/hr
Seaduction Boat
47' Motor Yacht | from $625/hr
62' Motor Yacht | from $850/hr
Platinum Boat
48' Motor Yacht | from $550/hr
53' Catamaran | from $550/hr
Adelina Catamaran
50' Catamaran | from $600/hr
Hoochie Mumma Boat
50' Motor Yacht | from $495/hr
Ambiance Boat
52' Motor Yacht | from $600/hr
Birchgrove Boat Sydney
50' Luxury Boat | from $650/hr
Yackatoon Boat
50' Motor Yacht | from $575/hr
43' Catamaran | from $550/hr
Top Cat Catamaran
32' Catamaran | from $325/hr
32' Catamaran | from $325/hr
Neptune Boat
40' Motor Yacht | from $400/hr
Highlander Boat Sydney
46' Motor Yacht | from $450/hr
Santa Cruz Boat
43' Motor Yacht | from $450/hr
Seabird Seven Catamaran
40' Catamaran | from $375/hr
Salute Boat
32' Motor Yacht | from $350/hr
36' Motor Yacht | from $375/hr
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