Superyacht Charter

Want the ultimate in luxury, privacy, and relaxation? Our Superyacht charter selection has been carefully vetted for your yachting pleasure. Flagship Cruises is focused on providing outstanding, faultless experiences, whether you’re hosting a VIP event for 4 hours, or cruising with friends and family for 2 weeks.

If you’re local, then you’re probably already familiar with the amazing opportunity for enjoyment on Sydney Harbour and beyond. For our overseas customers, no matter what time of year you visit Australia, there is always a pleasant climate to be enjoyed somewhere along the East Coast, and there is no better way to explore some the most beautiful parts of our country than by luxury yacht charter.

During our Summer boating season (roughly Oct to May), we recommend Sydney where you can enjoy one of the cleanest metropolis harbours in the World, combining your unforgettable on board charter experience with the best restaurants, shopping and entertainment Australia has to offer. In the cooler Sydney months, a handful of our stunning yachts venture to The Whitsundays, Great Barrier Reef, South Pacific, and Melbourne, with bespoke itineraries and adventures tailored to suit your individual vacation desires.

Infinity Pacific Superyacht
131' Superyacht | from $3,500/hr
Sahana Boat Sydney Superyacht Charter
120' Superyacht | from $3,250/hr
100' Superyacht | from $3,250/hr
Ghost 2 Boat
122' Superyacht | from $3,200/hr
Masteka 2 Superyacht
122' Superyacht | from $3,000/hr
Corroboree Superyacht
110' Superyacht | from $2,800/hr
Oneworld Yacht Sydney
103' Superyacht | from $2,800/hr
Quantum Boat Sydney Super Yacht
120' Superyacht | from $2,750/hr
Oscar II Superyacht on Sydney Harbour
110' Superyacht | from $2,500/hr
Seven Star Boat Luxury Yacht Hire
99' Superyacht | from $2,250/hr
90.5' Superyacht | from $2,200/hr
AQA Yacht Sydney Harbour
92' Superyacht | from $1,750/hr
Ghost Boat Sydney
87' Superyacht | from $1,600/hr
82' Superyacht | from $1,500/hr
56' Superyacht | from $620/hr
100' Superyacht | Tailored Quotes
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