Sydney is a city of beautiful beaches and we all have a favourite spot, but in recent years finding a nearby car space let alone a patch of sand is not exactly the relaxing day out it once was. Finding a secluded Sydney beach is becoming increasingly more difficult with the growing population, so we’ve put together a list of our favourite Sydney Harbour beaches best visited by boat.

Whether you have your own yacht and just need some inspiration, or are considering motor boat hire and wonder where the day could take you, this list of hidden Sydney beaches is a must read. With gorgeous views and often less populated than alternatives outside the harbour, here are some of our favourite Sydney beaches accessible by boat.

Sirius Cove: Situated in Mosman near Taronga Zoo, Sirius Bay Cove features a deep U-shaped beach hideaway surrounded by lush coastal vegetation. A popular spot for local families and their dogs the small stretch of sand and beautiful grassy area of Sirius Cove make a great spot for picnics, and if you’re coming by boat the tranquil waters are calm and well protected.

Athol Beach: Just around the corner from Sirius Cove you will find Athol Bay (and if the tide is right, Athol Beach). Less of a beach destination and more of a spot to lounge on the boat, Athol Bay offers one of the most beautiful vantage points for a Sydney city sunset. If you’re feeling adventurous, this is also a nice spot for a swim or a paddleboard. Ask us which of our Sydney boat hire options provide water toys for your added enjoyment.

Chinamens Beach: Our last pick for Mosman is Chinamens Beach, a super pretty stretch of white sand with views across middle harbour and more calm waters, great for dropping anchor and enjoying a quiet lunch or a refreshing dip. 

Lady Martins Beach: This quiet little oasis is located within Felix Bay. Home to the Royal Prince Edward Yacht Club and beautiful homes of Point Piper, Lady Martin’s Beach is a secluded gem mainly used by locals. If you enjoy boats in general, this is a nice spot to take in yacht views as well as the natural beauty.

Milk Beach: A peaceful little harbour beach hidden behind Strickland House at Vaucluse, Milk Beach is a favourite for fashion shoots due to its stunning outlook and relatively secluded location. Milk Beach is an exceptionally pretty option, great for snorkelling off the boat or chilling in the serenity with views across to the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Camp Cove: Not so much a secret Sydney beach anymore, Camp Cove offers spectacular views of the city and a social Summer vibe year round. A popular spot with both locals and the growing greater Sydney community, Camp Cove is located within one of the most frustrating Eastern Suburb areas to find a park on the weekends – that’s where visiting by boat comes in extra satisfying. Pull up for a swim, a snorkel, or just to enjoy one of the most beautiful vantage points in Sydney. Make sure you check out the nearby “Jump Rock” where you will likely witness groups of carefree adventure lovers jumping into the cool clear waters from above. 

So next time the forecast is looking good and you get that urge to drive around for 3 hours in the heat hoping to eventually score yourself a park and a crowded patch of sand, think twice. Jump on our website instead and check out the range of luxury boat hire options available to whisk you directly to your favourite beach bay while you sit back, relax and enjoy a private Sydney Harbour cruise – an experience in itself!