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Hosting an event can be the most fun thing to do if it’s planned ahead of time and includes your favourite people in life. However, sometimes there are unplanned get togethers and parties that turn out to be some of the best ones you get to attend. In such cases, when you’re planning an impromptu party, it’s just a matter of luck that everything falls in the right place or things can go south just like that! We have some great news for the last-minute party planners in Sydney. Read on to know some ways to organise a last-minute party and still make it one hell of a party! 

The first of the many questions that come to your mind when planning an event is ‘where to host it’. Thanks to the amazing coastal metropolis we live in, Sydney has a long list of impressive party destinations. Not to brag, but our cruises offer amazing party venues that have been one of the top picks among the city dwellers. Choose an all-inclusive boat hire on Sydney Harbour to treat yourself and your guests to a memorable partying experience. These vessels offer mesmerising waterfront views including close-up views of the famous landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. The next big concern when organising a party is the food served to your guests. A boat rental in Sydney is a great solution to that too. The food served on board our cruises are all catered by experienced chefs and freshly prepared using fresh produce. And as a cherry on top, we also offer entertainment options on your demand, an open dance floor, integrated A/V system and more. If you’re wondering if this is going to cost you a fortune, no it won’t! Perhaps our vessels could be a bit more expensive than a home-party venue. We have amazing budget-friendly packages that are perfect for you. Now if that sounds like it covers all your needs, book your cruise today! Now we don’t want to pretend like we’re the only best choice of a venue available in Sydney. Read on to discover some of the handpicked party venues on our list.

There are plenty of waterfront venues and rooftop gardens in and around the harbour that are apt for hosting a last-minute party. Some places even provide BYO options. So if you don't wish to spend much on catering, you can always organise a fun potluck amongst the guests. There are exclusive garden venues too in the locality that won’t leave you penniless, but provide with you a great outdoor ambience.

Ever wondered what it is to be a true-blue Sydney-sider? Enjoying the pleasant weather that you get for the longest time of the year. Whatever season it is in this amazing coastal city, being outdoors is always a bliss. And for the same reasons, people in Sydney love being outdoors, especially the beach(not just the famous ones). You can always head down to the beaches in Sydney to have a great time with your friends, guaranteed! There are many beach front restaurants and hotels that provide excellent beach pools where you can chill out with your favourite people. What better way is there to make precious memories for a lifetime! Since there is no written rule that you have to host your parties indoors(of course, you should limit your parties indoors if it’s in 2021), Sydney offers countless outdoor venues where you can have a truly memorable partying experience. Some exciting options are a weekend getaway and a campfire in the Blue Mountains, a food and wine tasting tour in the Hunter Valley and more. We hope this helps you make your choice soon. Happy partying!

Posted on April 27, 2021

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