Super Yacht Life: The Whats, Whys and Hows

Last year saw a whopping 77% surge in superyacht sales in the world, and the global boat rental market is expected to grow exponentially over the course of the next 10 years, which begs the question: Why are people drawn to this concoction of yachting and luxury? 

The singular response to this is yachting, or boating, offers a once-in-a-life-time opportunity of memory-making with friends and family. And besides a lifetime of memories, superyachts bring with it some of life’s greatest joys!

What Makes a Superyacht

First things first, what exactly is a superyacht? Although there are no actual definitions, a superyacht is primarily a luxurious vessel for leisure activities or vacations. While some are used exclusively by the owners, others are available as charters — i.e. renting out for private events. These superyachts have redefined luxury experiences with extraordinary amenities, cutting-edge electronics and innovative designs, which were probably unthinkable a decade ago.

Live Like The True Celebrity That You Are

One may think that luxury is a fabricated reality of the wealthy, but that’s when the charterers come in clutch to prove them wrong! A yacht hire in a city like Sydney will have you feeling like you’re the reincarnation of Leonardo DiCaprio in the The Wolf of Wall Street, without breaking the bank or actually owning a premium boat! A quintessential Sydney experience – you can explore the harbour in all its magnificence from the comfort of a premium setting which is woven to the preferences and ‘no-nos’ of YOU.

Beyond The ‘Bliss’

As far as the stories of people who charter these breathtaking yachts go, the three major draw cards that inspire every single one of them to come back again are Freedom, Connection, and Distant Socialisation.

Freedom takes the centre stage in a private yacht experience. The ability to unplug from the daily grind effortlessly and escape into a new realm of freedom where you steer your way (not literally!) through an experience-of-a-lifetime.

Experiences can never be epic if your friends aren’t there to share it right beside you. Yachting is all about bonding with your favourite group — family, friends or colleagues. It is a gateway to deepening your connections within an intimate and personalised setting, away from the distractions of everyday life.

In this day and age of keeping our distance and partying safe, what better way to enjoy nature’s splendour than on the waters, away from the jam-packed harbour. A yacht hire always includes a professional and expert crew who make sure that the fun doesn’t spill out onto the waters.
Besides the sheer excitement when you step onboard these vessels, there’s a certain level of tranquilness and sophistication to the whole experience that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

Looking to Hire? Here’s Why You Should Go With Flagship Cruises

From corporate functions and family gatherings to special occasions and private experiences, a superyacht can be hired for a number of events. Flagship Cruises, one of the biggest charter agencies on Sydney Harbour, offers an incredible user-friendly platform to help you find the right vessels with ease. Their ever-growing fleet and unsurpassed guest experiences stand testament to their stellar reputation among Sydneysiders.

Why You Too Should Hire a Superyacht For Your Next Event?

There’s no need to wait for a special event or a celebratory occasion to come up, celebrate life itself with a boat hire on Sydney Harbour. After all, life is all about the experiences you make, which will ultimately be memories that may last a lifetime. When you charter with Flagship, this is exactly what you get. Be rest assured of an experience that will be talked about for years and years to come!

Posted on November 04, 2022

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