John Oxley Menu Options

John Oxley BBQ (Min 10 pax)

Scotch fillet steaks
Marinated chicken breasts
2 mixed salads
Bread rolls 

$30 Per Person


Cold Canapés | Minimum 20 pax | 8 ITEMS PER PERSON 

Frittatas of Sweet potato fetta penne and basil (V)
Crouton cup filled with smoked chicken caesar salad
Smoked salmon celeriac, caper and parsley remoulade tartlet
Mini dampers filled with roast vegetables & macadamia nut pesto (V

$37 Per Person


Cold Canapés | Minimum 20 pax| 12 ITEMS PER PERSON 

Toasted bread basket w/ Mediteranean salad w/ balsamic & tomato mayonnaise(V) Cucumber cup w/ crab & pomegranate dill salad
Oysters w/ mirin & black sesame
Grilled tuna & wasabi peas in a chat potato
Slow roasted tomato and basil on goats cheese croute
Thai beef and crisp ginger salad on watermelon
Grilled turkish rounds crisp honeyed prosciutto Persian fetta
Slow roasted salmon lemon crème fraiche and tobiko on toasted rye

$54 Per Person
Vivid Sydney